Blogs I Read- April 2016

Here we are with another post of the blogs I am currently following! I have been finding myself binge-reading instead of a post here and there- it’s nice to spend more time with one blogger 🙂 I wonder what our blogging/reading habits say of us! Onto the blogs:


Sigma Kappa Leadership Consultants

I’ve been loving reading the near daily posts from the ΣΚ Leadership Consultants! I am clearly still involved in my Fraternity, and I really wish that our own LCs would start doing this as well. They write about Greek related topics, but also about career, etiquette, and personal themes, as well. There is something for everyone! Favourite posts: The Seven Phases of Fitbit Fever and Good for You, Not for Me!

Lady Sarah’s London

A lifestyle blog based in London?? Yes, please! I’ve been binge reading this to catch up on it, and I never get bored. She has a wonderful tone, and covers a variety of topics (tea, etiquette, and style mainly 😀 ) while still maintaining a certain London feel throughout. Favourite posts: Fashion Resolutions for a Tres Chic 2016 and The London Dress Code!

Cardinal Wolsey’s Today in History

Tudor History from the point of view of a morally questionable cardinal who was at the heart of Tudor history?? SIGN. ME. UP. This blog covers a number of periods (not just Tudor) and delivers all of the key points of the topic or event in question. Favourite Posts: Scots Sell Charles I to English Parliament for 40 Pounds and Ghosts of Kew Palace!

Helerina Blogs

Helen’s blog features a lot of reviews- as someone interested in a lot of the items she reviews, I love this blog. Her posts have all the details you need without overwhelming you! She also keeps you in the loop with what is going on generally going on in her life, which I appreciate. We all grow attached to the bloggers we follow! Favourite Posts: The Body Shop British Rose Event and Brimbles Box February 2016!

The Real J Low

NOT Jennifer Lopez, the actual J Low keeps it real with her lifestyle blog! Jessica is a young professional who mostly posts about fashion and beauty but also occasionally about personal topics. She has realistic posts about saving for your wardrobe, and the dangers of branching out too far with trends that are still funny and entertaining. Wonderful writing! Favourite Posts: Tea for the Soul and the Consequences of Trends and Fashion Injuries!

Honourable Mention:

A Peace of London

A blog entirely focused on finding quiet and interesting spots in London??? Why did I not have this resource for all of my trips? Many suggestions and cool spots to seek out. 7 Quiet Places to Drink Rooibos Tea and the 21 Most Beautiful Quiet Places in London make me itch to be back in London!

As usual, leave a comment if you read or follow any of these blogs! And anything I should check out??

Until tomorrow,
The Historian!

4 thoughts on “Blogs I Read- April 2016

  1. Charlotte April 19, 2016 / 3:28 am

    Thanks so much for the mention 🙂 What a great list of unique blogs!


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