Junior Circle Roadtrip: Beta Beta’s IRD!

Yesterday, four of us drove down to the Beta Beta chapter of Alpha Gamma Delta for their International Reunion Day! Two of us are Junior Circle members, so we were able to experience another IRD before ours next week (more to come on that later). It was a long day but a wonderful trip!

I had to wake up at 4:30 AM to make certain that I actually was up and had time to make myself look presentable. I did lay everything out the night before, which was probably my saving grace- had I not, I definitely would have been late. We were leaving the city at 6am, so no time to be late! It was cold and rainy in Winnipeg, like living a Dickens novel. However, we were lucky to have better weather the further south we travelled!

We arrived a little early at NDSU, Beta Beta was lovely enough to let us change/wait there. I haven’t ever interacted with them before, but it looks like a strong chapter and I am hoping to talk more with their alumnae! There are Greek houses all over campus- something novel for someone from an unhoused chapter. I still am unsure how I would have done in a housed chapter. It would be fantastic to have a permanent space for the chapter but I also like having my own space and don’t know if I could have ever lived in the house.


IRD itself was at the Alumni Centre, right across from the house! It is a beautiful, large open space and I am fairly jealous that it is so close. We considered it briefly, but perhaps Junior Circle should look at booking on campus for our IRD next year! It might be nice for older alumnae to see campus again, if we can bring out more of them. Back to this IRD, though! The program was wonderful; it was a good mix of alumnae and chapter updates. They have quite a few chapter awards and scholarships, and I love being able to see sisters being celebrated for their accomplishments. I am also very motivated for Junior Circle to keep planning and having events after seeing how active their alumnae our. One day, we will be able to raise $10,000 for the Alpha Gamma Delta Foundation, I believe!!


There was an ice breaker game- usually I don’t love them, but these questions were all about our lives in the Fraternity! There were a few older Beta Beta alumnae, a young Beta Beta alum, Samantha from Zeta Nu/Zeta Upsilon (I finally got to see her again!!), and the four of us from Beta Gamma. It was lovely to hear stories from different chapters and several decades, it really shows you how your membership in the Fraternity stays with you for your life. I can’t wait for Beta Gamma’s IRD next weekend!


Thank you again to Beta Beta for hosting us! All and all, it was wonderful!

Until tomorrow,
The Historian!

9 thoughts on “Junior Circle Roadtrip: Beta Beta’s IRD!

  1. happyalexx April 17, 2016 / 3:10 am

    I’m so glad you had a wonderful weekend! This looks so cool!


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