Ballet Class- It’s really happening!!!

It didn’t work out last summer, but I will be taking a ballet class with the Royal Winnipeg Ballet this summer!!! I could not be more excited for this. I haven’t taken any ballet classes in almost 4 years now, so it will certainly kick my butt, but I will love it. 

I have a few things to do to prepare! Firstly, I need to buy new bodysuits and tights. It’s been years and years since I’ve bought new, it really is time. I think two of each should be just fine, as it is only two 90 minute classes a week for 5 weeks! I am currently thinking of getting the Wide Strap Leotard by Capezio:

Capezio Wide Strap Bodysuit

I will also stick with my classic ballet pink convertible tights by Mondor! The only downfall is that we only really have one dance supply store in Winnipeg that sells adult dancewear, and the cheaper prices online are undone by shipping costs. However, I think I will give online a try as there is not a whole lot of options in the shop.

My other big task is getting into ballet shape- because it’s been so long, I need to start working on my ballet technique back! I know that my turnout and extensions won’t be anywhere close to where they were, but I can start working on them now to at least get my muscles used to working in right ways again. I’m going to try and do ballet barres at least 3x a week for the month of April, and possibly step it up after. I’m going to be using these to start with:


Any adult dancers here? Any recommendations on moderately priced adult dancewear- particularly tank style leos?

Until tomorrow,
The Historian!

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