A Majestic May Long Weekend

BANFF, AB- I will be headed there on the May Long Weekend (aka Victoria Day) with my dad, brother, and Loki! I’m fairly excited, I haven’t been to Banff in a decade and it is one of the most beautiful places in the world. 

Banff Wideshot

We will be making a 14 hour drive from Winnipeg to Banff, with a few short stops for Loki! Loki and I will be backseat buddies- sadly, only one of us will have a lambiekins. It’s a fairly boring drive through Saskatchewan but once you get into Alberta, it really picks up! I’m hoping to film some of the drive, stay tuned for that.

Banff Hike

My dad and my brother will be skiing/snowboarding, this is the last weekend of the season to get out on the slopes! They go every year, and from what I hear, the slush cup is a big deal. While they are at the hill, Loki and I will be going on some easy hikes/walks. Loki hasn’t ever been hiking, so I’m excited to see how it goes! We will most likely stay off of the main strip in the town- he doesn’t deal well with un-neutered dogs and you never know when you will run into one.

Banff Lululemon I will also be heading into the Lululemon store in Banff! While I’m not on the hunt for any particular pieces, I will never pass up a chance to wander through another Lulu. Especially in the province that has no sales tax 😀 (Perhaps it will be time for a new scarf. And shorts…) Other than Lulu and hiking, I think relaxing with some good tea and great books is my entire to-do list. It’s a short 4 1/2 day trip, but somewhere I haven’t been in a while!

Have you been to Banff recently? Any recommendations?

Until tomorrow,
The Historian!

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