Fraternity Friday: Life as a Sorority Alumna, Part V

This week, we are hearing from Annie, a Delta Gamma from the University of Alberta! I am sending a huge thank you to Annie for taking the time to write such detailed answers, and honestly sharing her thoughts!! I am especially curious to know about alumna life in Canada, as there are often far less alumnae around to meet with and have programs with. Annie also touches on one aspect of Greek Life that we often raise in recruitment, the impact of Greek Life on your career- something that I think is one of our biggest assets. Now onto Annie herself!

Sorority Alumna DG

  1. What organisation and university are you from?
    Delta Gamma – University of Alberta
  2. What year did you initiate into your organisation?
  3. Does your organisation offer specific alumnae programming?
    Yes, plenty!
  4. Are you active in either an alumnae group of your organisation or the area Panhellenic? If yes, do you hold a position?
    No, unfortunately now living in Victoria, I thought there would be more alumni from UBC area but alas there is not really anything happening on the Island. I have attended one Founder’s Day celebration, but it was very different than my home chapter. I would love to get more involved!
  5. Has your sorority experience contributed to where you are now- both personally and professionally? If yes, how so?
    I think that being in a sorority has undoubtedly shaped my experience both personally and professionally. Although I regret being so far away from the amazing support system it created, it definitely has had a large impact on where I am today. Although it may not have directly led to me finding a job, I now have a resume padded with extra experience and references. I was once job hunting after being laid off, feeling very dejected I was browsing in a store when the owner asked if she could read my resume and offer feedback. I gladly accepted, and her first comment was, your resume is too long! She kept reading and then commented, OH, you were in a sorority, no wonder you’re an over achiever, makes sense why your resume is so long, my mom was a Delta Gamma too. This is one of those moments that define what being a sorority girl is all about. Connections, across the globe. My current group of friends is, I’m sure, sick of hearing about the good ol’ sorority days, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything!
  6. Do you interact with any undergraduate chapters of your organisation? Ie. Attend a reunion day or Initiation, alumnae days, recruitment, philanthropy events
    As I said above, I have attended one Founder’s Day with UBC. I found it very different than my own chapter’s events. I would love to get more involved with advising, and have made some great connections within the region. One of the coolest things that I do participate in is the Unofficial Ornament Exchange. Delta Gamma’s across the world participate in a Secret Santa with ornaments, and it’s always so special!
  7. If you could plan an alumnae event, anything at all, what would it be?
    I love event planning! So, I would love to be able to find some Vancouver Island Alumni, even Panhellenic and head up a group that meets up here!
  8. Any other thoughts?
    I always will take the opportunity to talk about Greek life in a positive light. I see it have such an amazing impact on most people that go through it, and wish that everyone could experience the things I was able to!

Once again, a big thank you to Annie for such wonderful answers! I loved finding out that other groups have those unofficial events like ornament exchanges- the little things are what bind us together Panhellenically. I hope that you are able to connect with more of your sisters, Annie!!

Until tomorrow,
The Historian!


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