March 2016 History Round Up

Although history is in the past, it keeps happening and changing! Each month I’m going to bring you news and happenings in the world of history, hopefully with a good range of locations and time periods. And now to begin with Ancient Egypt!

Two Hidden Rooms Have Been Discovered in King Tut’s Tomb Hidden rooms in burial chambers aren’t always the most exciting, but this could potentially uncover more information about the Pharoahs of the Eighteenth Dynasty. They still remain a popular historical topic but we lack a good deal of information still. Here’s to hoping we uncover more!

A Bear Bone was Found in Ireland nearly a century ago could push back the date of human life on the highland by over two millennia! It was tucked away in a box for years at the National Museum, and is now being looked at by archaeologists. As an early Irish historian, this is BIG. NEWS.


Queen Elizabeth at Ninety, an ITV documentary, will show candid interviews with several different members of the Royal Family (including the Duchess of Cambridge)! Given how private the Royal Family is, I am very interested to hear everything and perhaps learn something new.

There are Hidden Notes in a 500 Year Old Bible, a Bible that was printed by Henry VIII’s printer, and whose preface was written by Henry himself. This means big things for historians of the Reformation, as it supports the Reformation being a very gradual process! Also, the notes appear to be from Thomas Cromwell’s works, and I am totally on #TeamCromwell!


Are there any historical events that have peaked your interest??

Until tomorrow,
The Historian!

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