Blogs I Read- March 2016

Welcome back to my monthly instalment on the blogs I’m currently following! I am very much on my lifestyle blog kick still, and of course I have a book blog, as well. Here are six wonderful blogs that I think you should take a look at!

Crafty Cute Creative

I’ve just discovered this blog, and it is wonderful! A fellow blogger who also loves Chapters, Clinique, and David’s Tea?? Yes, please. This is a perfect lifestyle blog- a good amount of topics: style, beauty, and food, among others. “A” offers a good amount of details without bogging you down with unnecessary information, especially in her reviews. Favourite Posts: It’s TEA TUESDAY! and Skincare Sunday: Clinique Update.

Bookshelf Fantasies

This is a fantastic book blog; there is such a huge number of books reviewed and discussed that I am usually bound to discover 2-3 a month from Lisa. It is mostly fiction, but there are other genres discussed! She is also doing an Outlander Rewatch in preparation for the new season- a sure way to win me over. Favourite Posts: Outlander Rewatch Episode 106 and Top Ten Books on My Spring 2016 TBR List!

Flamingos and Dreams

Naomi is another lovely lifestyle blog. She has a fantastic number of recipes, and I look forward to trying many of them! She also loves Kate Spade, and a number of British brands, so I trust her judgement. If you want to sigh and daydream, look out for her pup! Favourite Posts: Lust List: Spring is Sprung and Cadbury’s Creme Eggy Bread.

Victoria’s Vintage

Victoria appeals to everything I love: style, recipes, and TEA. (She actually went on a London Tea Tour, and I’ve never been more jealous.) I adore her aesthetic, it is very Cath Kidston. I find that British style and decorating appeals to my sensibilities far more than American, so I am constantly looking at her blog for ideas 🙂 Favourite Posts: New Tech Accessories and Travel Essentials!

Letters Lovely

This is a fairly new blog, but I appreciate her honest approach to fitness! I find that a lot of blogs are ever excited for fitness; I, like most people, sometimes struggle to find motivation. I am motivated by her posts, and I imagine that maybe, just maybe, sometimes we are making our way to our fitness goals at the same time! She seems a lovely person (pun INTENDED), and I love seeing a new post pop up in my dashboard. Favourite Posts: Lifestyle Changes and Primark Wishlist.

Honourary Mention:

Charlotte B. Harris

Charlotte is a college student, who happens to be studying abroad in Spain. I’m loving following her travel posts, like 48 Hours in Madrid!


Let me know if you follow any of these, and what you think of them!

Until tomorrow,
The Historian!

One thought on “Blogs I Read- March 2016

  1. anhistorianabouttown March 21, 2016 / 3:43 pm

    Of course!! I sometimes think that I am crazy for wavering on running on a particular day- nope, it’s normal (as I’m learning). This is a new thing for me, not being motivated all of the time, so it’s taking some getting used!

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