Style Saturday- 19 March 2016

Although it is super bright and Spring-y elsewhere, it is slightly less so here! Still, I no longer have to wear a parka and wool scarf but can instead move to slightly lighter items! This is a happy day for the this girl 🙂

Princess Cut Peacoat, Wallis

I purchased this when I lived in Ireland, but unfortunately I don’t get as much wear out of it here as I did there. It only keeps you warm to roughly -10°C, so it’s not great for our winter save for a night out here and there. However, I jump on my opportunities and have been wearing this as much as possible! The princess coat looks absolutely beautiful.


Red West Highland White Terrier Scarf, Purple Possum UK

I have a scarf problem. Some people wear statement necklaces like no tomorrow, but I use scarves! This scarf is thin and light but still takes the edge off when it’s a little damp and chilly out. It is also a steal at less than $20 CAD! I can’t recommend Purple Possum enough, it is a fantastic etsy shop and she carries a fairly sizeable inventory. The westies and their tiny black button noses never fail to make me smile!


Original Tall Cable Knit Cuff Welly Socks, Hunter

I purchased these in the fall at Nordstrom in Seattle, and I could not love them more! They provide a little warmth but don’t make your feet sweat, they stop rain from falling into your boots, and they allow for a little customisation of your boot! A little pricey at roughly $70 CAD, but I enjoy them and are a nice splurge.


What are your favourite Spring clothing items?

Until tomorrow,
The Historians!

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