Style Saturday- 12 March 2016

This week’s Style Saturday is going to be a little something different! Because I am consciously trying to slim down my wardrobe and only invest in pieces that are going to be long-term, I will be posting two to three outfits from the week. I’m hoping that it will spur me to be creative and think of my clothing in different ways. This week, we have two spring-ish outfits! 

This first outfit is one of my favourite pieces in the world, my blush pleated skirt! (A moment of silence for Smart Set.) This skirt hangs beautifully, is a lovely blush that suits my skin tone, and looks professional but not uptight! I wasn’t brave enough to wear it during the winter, but I think that it is finally time to try and pull it out. I paired it with my black Heart-Sheep Pullover from RW & Co! This sweater is warm but thin, so it doesn’t look overly bulky. I like the look of the purple on the sheep with the skirt- right beside each other, I don’t think it would work, but lovely with the black in between.


And now for my grey RW & Co leggings! I originally purchased them in black, navy, and red- went back and picked up this grey and a jacquard pattern in navy. They are incredibly comfortable, look professional (I haven’t had a day that I haven’t received a compliment on them), and aren’t expensive at all. It is worn with my turquoise plaid blouse from Dynamite. The green element is quite bright and pairs well with the lighter grey leggings for a nice spring look.


What spring looks are you going for?

Until tomorrow,
The Historian!

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