Fraternity Friday- Life as a Sorority Alumna, Part I

This is the beginning of a new series on Greek Life that is going to look at life as an alumna of a sorority. Every organisation is different, and so approaches the topic of alumna differently. Some have detailed programming for alumnae, and some leave everything up to the alumnae. My first participant is Monica from New England Classic Beauty! A thousand thank yous to Monica for answering my questions 🙂

Sorority Alum 1

1.What organisation and university are you from?

I am an alumnae sister of Phi Sigma Sigma, Gamma Iota Chapter at Worcester Polytechnic Institute in Massachusetts.

2.What year did you initiate into your organisation?

I was initiated in January of my freshman year in 2003.

3. Does your organisation offer specific alumnae programming?

Yes! My chapter has special alumnae programming during homecoming weekend and throughout the year they hold different events. Recently, our annual alumni luncheon was to raise money for sisters in financial need and to honor a sister who passed away.

4.Are you active in either an alumnae group of your organisation or the area Panhellenic? If yes, do you hold a position?

I am not currently active in our alumnae group or the area Panhellenic. There is an event every year to raise money for scholarships in honor of one of my best friends from my class that passed away in 2008 that I help with every year though.

5.Has your sorority experience contributed to where you are now- both personally and professionally? If yes, how so?

Definitely!! My experiences and the opportunities that I had in college have made me a more confident and outgoing person. I was always a little shy growing up, unsure of myself and afraid of making mistakes. Having the support of my sisters in college really helped me to come out of my shell and be comfortable in my own skin.

6.Do you interact with any undergraduate chapters of your organisation? Ie. Attend a reunion day or Initiation, alumnae days, recruitment, philanthropy events ?

I have seen my undergrad chapter at homecoming and reunion weekends at WPI. I absolutely love getting to go back to our sorority house and see all the changes that they have done. I was our house manager as a sophomore, so I will always feel a connection to the house. The year I went back and saw that they had gotten a chest freezer and a new flatscreen TV for my old common room? So jealous!!!

7.If you could plan an alumnae event, anything at all, what would it be?

I am a fan of doing things at events vs. a luncheon or dinner, so I would definitely be up for bowling (I know, pretty corny, but it’s so fun), roller skating, a trapeze lesson, and so many of the sisters from my class have small children now, so a beach day would be so fun too! This spring is my 10 year reunion, so many from my class will be coming back to participate in that and probably go see the house.

8.Any other thoughts?

Some of my closest friends now in my early 30s are still the same girls I sat across from in the dining hall freshman year. The conversation topics change, then we talked about boys, events on campus, and classes, now we talk about our families and careers. We could spend hours rehashing memories, laughing nonstop. They are the strong, intelligent, funny women I go to for advice and support, and that’s something that will never change.

Thank you again to Monica! I think that our sisters certainly make more of an impact on us than we realise while we are collegians, and this really shines through as an alumna!

Until tomorrow,
The Historian!

One thought on “Fraternity Friday- Life as a Sorority Alumna, Part I

  1. careofmon March 12, 2016 / 3:50 pm

    You are so welcome! This was fun and I am really thankful to be featured 🙂 Can’t wait to read more installments!!


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