London Fashion Week and New York Fashion Week, 2016

Although I am starting to embrace the spring and summer, and all of the clothing that comes with them. However, I will still always love fall and winter clothing more. I always enjoy the spring fashion weeks as we are looking forward to the fall and winter lines (and we are still in winter here, so looking at spring clothing is just depressing). Here are some of my favourite looks from London Fashion Week and New York Fashion week!

This was the first set of Fashion Weeks that I really paid attention. I added a few houses on Snapchat- I essentially have M, and then Kate Spade and Burberry on Snapchat. It is interesting to follow along, and get those to-the-second updates! I think I will do the same for the next go around.

London Fashion Week- BURBERRY
Burberry is one of my favourite brands, but sadly I own nothing from it. Perhaps one day I will be able to afford it, but for now, I will drool! All pictures are from the Telegraph.

London Fashion Week- EMILIA WICKSTEAD
Emilia Wickstead designs are typically very feminine and conservative; it is easy to see why the Duchess of Cambridge often chooses her looks. I think Wickstead’s designs are gorgeous, though these all seemed to be head to toe. I would love to get me hands on the coat on the left! All pictures are from the Telegraph.

London Fashion Week- MULBERRY
The other quintessential English brand that I would snap up in a heartbeat, Mulberry. (I will own a Bayswater at some point!!) I absolutely love their outerwear, and I think that this was my favourite collection of LFW. All pictures are from the Telegraph.

New York Fashion Week- TORY BURCH
Tory Burch is a tried and true American designer, and I always look forward to seeing her shows. I do find that sometimes her pieces are a touch busy for my liking, but still very interesting to see! All pictures from Vogue.

New York Fashion Week- KATE SPADE
I was following this on Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat in order to see what was happening. Of course, Kate Spade is one of the first shows to happen- none of us are going to wait! While I am not loving the 70s vibe that is present in every single collection, I did see some fantastic pieces from Kate Spade that I might try to track down! The bottom right corner is my absolute favourite! All pictures are from Elle.

What were your favourite collections from the Fashion Weeks this year? I will admit to not paying close attention to Paris and Milan- any hits there?

Until tomorrow,
The Historian!

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