Trial/Review: Buttermilk and Wild Blueberry Scone Mix

I’ve now started perusing the food sections of Winners and Marshalls, to see what interesting things I can find! Although you do need to pay attention to expiration dates, as you may end up with something that expires in the next few months as opposed to years, I have found some fairly promising mixes. The first up is this Buttermilk and Wild Blueberry Scone Mix from Winners!

I love eating scones, but I don’t like raisins in them. This is usually a problem, as most of bakery scones have raisins included. When I saw these Blueberry scones, I jumped on it! All you need is the mix, butter, and milk.

I used option A- I don’t care about their shape, and I don’t have the patience to finagle them in a wedge. I cut in the butter, added the milk, it looked crumbly. I took to mixing/kneading with my hands at that point, and it properly mixed. I was able to get 22 drop scones out of the mix! I baked for the full 15 minutes, fyi.


Overall, I would recommend these! I enjoy scones but I don’t need to make them from scratch at this point and time. Easy to use, worked up quickly, and only $5 for 22 scones- I’m entirely happy with my purchase and will be looking for more mixes at Winners soon!

Have you tried any food products from Winners/Marshalls/TJ Maxx? How did they turn out?

Until tomorrow,
The Historian!

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