Style Saturday- 5 March 2016

Welcome to Saturday, where all of your style needs will be met! Okay, now that I’m finished being a flight attendant, I’m here to share one newer item, and two older but loved items! It is exciting to find something new, but sometimes we need those familiar, comfortable pieces. Most of us have our tried and true items, and don’t constantly have new items- we work with what we have! 

Take the Day Off Cleansing Balm, Clinique

New item first- I received this in Clinique holiday sampler set in November, and I am very much enjoying it! It is a solid but applies as a balm (go figure!). I wear light make up, and it removes everything completely. I will be rebuying the full-size, as it leaves my skin moisturised without leaving any residue. I also appreciate that the balm is unscented!


Cozy Socks, The Gap Outlet

While the Gap Outlet has questionable quality, I have not had any issues with PJs, or socks. And they do fuzzy, fluffy, cozy socks well! I purchased three pairs of these, and wear them all of the time. They are fantastic for sleeping, not too much. I keep a pair in the car if it gets cold, and a pair beside my bed. At $2 a pair, you really cannot go wrong. I will certainly wear these to the very end of their life. No link available, unfortunately!


Dublin and London T-Shirts, Disney

These two t-shirts are my two favourite shirts I own- they are my two favourite cities, combined with Disney. They are soft and comfortable, light and cool in the summer, and just plain adorable. I purchased the London t-shirt in the Covent Garden shop in March 2013, and the Dublin t-shirt in the Grafton Street shop in June 2013! I love having a unique souvenir that I can actually use. You can often find me in one of these on the weekend!

What are your true favourite items?? What can you always turn to?

Until tomorrow,
The Historian!

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