Fuller House… Kinda Empty (No Spoilers)

If you live in North America, have Netflix, or interact on any form of social media, you probably know that Fuller Housewas released on Friday on Netflix. As any 80s/90s kid will remember, it was an after-school constant; it was familiar and comfortable and overall enjoyable. I was not as excited as some people, but I figured that Fuller House would be a nice nostalgia trip!


I’m not sure if the problem is me being an adult, but I found it cheesy, and rather like watching a shark attack when you can’t look away. I wanted to cringe and wince and generally back away slowly. DJ is a little awkward but mostly lovable, and enjoyable to watch! Stephanie is generally lacking- she is essentially only there for one-liners. And then we have Kimmy Gibbler. We didn’t need Kimmy, I certainly didn’t want her, and yet there she is ever-present. Their children are alright, but feel mediocre and underwhelming (due to what they were given). Of course the Olsen twins are absent, but they are busy running numerous clothing, fragrance, and beauty lines. We were treated to countless snipes about why Michelle was not there/the Olsen’s clothes are expensive/snark snark snark- it feels petty and pointless.

The show does mirror the original perfectly, and the same quips, running jokes, characters, and storylines are present. However, I think that the big difference is what we expect from our tv shows now- I don’t think the potted, corny, cheesy plots that worked in the 80s and 90s don’t quite deliver anymore. I just wanted to pause it to stop the embarrassment they must be feeling. I’ve read a lot of comments in the last two days that if you don’t like it, it must be because you are a massive fan. I would disagree- loving the original doesn’t guarantee that you will love the reboot.

Did you watch Fuller House– if yes, did you enjoy it? Do you typically like reboots?

Until tomorrow,
The Historian!

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