Style Saturday- 27 February 2016

I have had some good luck lately in the clothing department! I am looking for spring and summer appropriate clothing that isn’t necessarily limited to those seasons, and I think I am doing well. What have I procured lately?

Pleat Circle Skirt, The Gap

I will admit to eyeing this skirt for well over a month, and waited for a 40% off coupon! (I’ve come to learn that you need not pay more than 65% of the actual cost at the Gap…) I was able to snag this for under $30- a new skirt for work!! I prefer fuller skirts, I find that there is a nice overall silhouette. I will admit, I’m over pencil skirts- overdone and everywhere. Body and shape to my skirts, please! The pleats add a nice prep element to it, as well.



Somerset Cardigan in Oceanblue, Kate Spade

I spotted this at Winners with the item below and was more excited than any normal human being should be. The Winners in my area has a handful of “Contemporary” racks, which is code for designer items! Kate Spade is fairly expensive clothing wise for me even without the crippling exchange rate, annnnnd it’s not sold in Winnipeg elsewhere anyways. I have been on the hunt for a red cardigan from Kate Spade, and then a blue, but the red was only in a large. Blue it is! It was only $80 CAD- I have linked the current available black version retailing for $198 USD. It is so soft, the buttons are a little something different, and the 3/4 sleeves with the bow detail are adorable!! I’m so happy to have found this.


Stripe Sweater in Frshwt/Hyc, Kate Spade

Unfortunately I can’t find an available link online or something similar, but it can be found on Poshmark and Ebay. This was my other amazing Winners find, and I adore it! The bright blue and white will be perfect for the spring, and the gold button details on the shoulder make for a subtle nautical feeling without being overwhelming. M pointed out to me that I have a lot of stripes, and I realised- I think that stripes are a good pattern that add dimension without being overly distracting.  I’m looking forward to styling this with my RW & Co Modern Stretch Leggings and my skirt above!

Do you have any recent steals that you are over the moon about?

Until tomorrow,
The Historian!

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