Fraternity Friday: The MS Walk and other opportunities!

I am very thankful that my fellow Junior Circle members are willing to do different philanthropic activities! I know that every chapter is different; my undergraduate chapter was never very interested in doing any sort of “extra” philanthropy. That was okay, it forced me to get out a little bit more and volunteer on my own! Now that we have Junior Circle, and while there are only five of us, we do as much as we can!

We will be making a team for the MS Walk here in Winnipeg in May! I love doing walks- it’s great PR for Junior Circle, we get to raise money for a great cause, and it’s nice to get out and exercise together. I prefer philanthropic activities that we can do together (working on sisterhood) while giving back and contributing to our communities. My personal goal is to raise a minimum of $100 for the MS Walk; typically it would be more, but I’m also hoping to raise at least $300 for Paws in Motion in June for the Humane Society!

I’ve been thinking about something that we could do as Junior Circle for a philanthropic event. I wouldn’t want it to be incredibly huge, but something that could make a real difference. Something that has stuck out to me is a philanthropic fashion show; I’ve noticed that a lot of alumnae clubs hold similar events! If done properly, it could appeal to women of any age. I think that it would be manageable for the five of us if we started early enough.

Are you a member of a Greek organisation or a similar club? What philanthropic events have you hosted?

Until tomorrow,
The Historian!

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