Prints of London!

One of the big benefits of working at a university is that most things aimed at students are cheap. I never even thought of checking it out while I was a student, but I finally decided to stop by the poster/print sale a few weeks ago. I found some lovely prints that I am on the hunt for appropriate frames now!

I know that everyone loves Paris and finds it to be the most romantic and interesting city in the world, but I will fully admit I did not enjoy Paris. I didn’t feel particularly safe, it was gloomy and overcast, and I found the smell of the ammonia to be very off-putting. As such, it was incredibly difficult to find prints of cities other than Paris. However, I was able to find a handful of London prints!! (Dublin was nowhere to be found 😦 ) Other than Dublin, London is my favourite city in the world. I adore English style, English history will fascinate me until the day I die, and the variation in architecture enthrals me!


This first print isn’t particularly “London”, but it just makes me smile. Tea is a constant in my life- whether I need to wake up, fall asleep, warm up, cool down, hydrate, think, read, drive, be a person, tea is always with me. I thought this was cute and simply but still lovely!


This print of the London Eye is a fantastic pen piece! I have yet to actually go on the London Eye- it’s rather expensive, and it takes some time. Also, my cousin wisely told me that the London Eye is much more enjoyable when you know what you are looking at- I think next time I visit I might finally have a shot at knowing. I love that this feels very understated!


This print is also understated and manages to evoke a lot of memories for me without a whole lot of detail. It also showcases classic English style, which I think doesn’t get the credit deserved. How to Dress/Live/Be a Parisian (with the accompanying capsule wardrobes with a great deal of black) is all the rage with millenials but I will always stick with London and its elegant and pretty and fun and understated fashion!


This is without a doubt my favourite print that I found! I’m not sure what this style of drawing is called, but I think that they are adorable. This is the first time that I have seen a London version- they are typically Paris/Rome/Berlin from what I’ve seen. I’m proud to say that I’ve been to every image on this map (aside from Brick Lane)! Of course I’m a little bummed that Kensington Palace isn’t on here, but I suppose that two palaces would be a little much. I love that official and unofficial sights are included!

Do you prefer prints like these, or actual pictures? And what is your favourite city??

Until tomorrow,
The Historian!

3 thoughts on “Prints of London!

  1. Miranda February 23, 2016 / 12:55 pm

    That last one is ADORABLE. We’re currently having a poster sale at my university too, so now I’m inspired to have a look 😉


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