Style Saturday: 20 February 2016

This week we are back to regular old purchases, no more big shopping hauls from Seattle! Although spreading it out 3-4 items at a time does make it seem like a lot more. Or that could be what I tell myself haha! These are all relatively inexpensive purchases, so nothing crazy here.

London Print Scarf, PurplePossumUK

This is probably my favourite etsy shop! It is the first shop I ordered from, and I was nothing less than impressed. They are great quality, beautiful, a fantastic price (less than $20 CAD), and fast shipping time! I have a few others from this shop (which I will be showing on a later Style Saturday), and they are all gorgeous. I love this scarf in particular because it is mostly neutral, but can be paired with any outfit with bright blue or red!


Cabled Sweater, Tommy Hilfiger

I spotted this at Marshall’s last weekend! I thought I had found the red Longchamp bag I’ve been looking for but it had the short handles instead of the long. However, when I spotted this sweater, I brightened up! (Literally and figuratively) This is a nice thin sweater that I think will be perfect for the spring and summer at work! It was only $25, so this was certainly a steal!


Slipper Socks, Payless Shoes

I bought these right before my trip, and they were on sale with an additional 50% off sale items! So, all in all, they came to a whopping $7.93 CAD! They are comfortable, soft, warm, and even have those gripp-y balls on the bottom so that I don’t wipe out. Win win win win win win WIN! I enjoy that I can wear them to bed if I want like super-fluffy socks.


Have you found any great bargains lately?

Until tomorrow,
The Historian!

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