Style Saturday: 13 February 2016

In the last year or so, I have really come to appreciate the Gap. There are not a lot of stores left in Canada that are appropriate for work and casual for twenty-somethings at the same price-point as the Gap. People suggest J. Crew Factory, LOFT, and similar stores, but the Gap is the only company that I have seen maintain a warehouse in Canada. So, I naturally power-shopped the Gap when West-Jet lost my luggage! Other than my PJ pants from last week, what did I buy? 

Modern V-Neck Fine Stripe Tee 

I purchased these in both the white stripe on navy and red stripe on grey (the latter is no longer available), and these are so. incredibly. soft. I cannot recommend these enough- they are warm for a chilly office but not overly thick, they layer well, and they work for casual wear, as well. I usually wear both of these at least once a week! Fantastic basics- I have an identical navy/white shirt from H&M but this feels much more luxurious. They were 60% off, both under $9 USD!


Mockneck Cable-Knit Sweater

Unfortunately, I accidentally forgot this sweater in M’s car, so I will be waiting until our next visit to retrieve it. Still, it’s warm and comfortable, and the cables are very well-done considering that it is machine made. I purchased the dark grey version for less than $20! Great for that damp cold in Washington.

Boatneck Stripe Slub Tee

I am slightly hit and miss with the Gap Factory- I spend a lot of time looking at clothes there. I check the stitching, look at the composition, garment care, and just general quality. I put back most of what I pick up, but I have found a few gems!  The mint and grey combo caught my eye, and I was even more interested when I noticed the boatneck. This shirt is also soft, and warm when I need it to be! It’s winners like these that make the time spent going through the racks worth it. (I’ve linked to the closest option on the site currently.)


What are your go-to stores?? Any recommendations for young professionals??

Until tomorrow,
The Historian!

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