Style Saturday- 6 February 2016

This week, I will be talking about one of my favourite style related topics- pajamas. I couldn’t live without my pajamas. I prefer thin cotton bottoms with elastic cuffs so that they don’t drag on the floor and aren’t too hot; I especially like them when I am doing yoga at home. However, I do like uncuffed jammies, too. For my last pair of pants, check out this Style Saturday post from the summer! However, obviously I did buy new jammies on my holiday trip, as well. What did I find??

Westie Print Waffle Pants, PJ Salvage

I saw these bad boys at Nordstrom Rack and knew that I had to have them! It is quite rare to find Westies; typically, it will be a Scottie. These, however, are true Westies!!! They only had them in a medium, no smalls were to be found. Well, I made an executive decision and decided to get the mediums. They were too cute to pass up, and I don’t mind pajamas being loose! In fact, I prefer it.


Flannel Plaid Roll-Up Pants, The Gap

These pants were purchased when I power shopped at the Gap in Lynnwood about 3 hours after landing in Seattle with no luggage. I do enjoy having flannel pajama pants- these are thin, but still keep me warm. (I know first stay cold, then keep warm- I have a very finely tuned internal themometre, okay??) Plus they were on sale for $23, with an additional 50% off! Also a plus: good for layering under sweatpants when I’m heading to the dog park.


“Nuts About You” Pajama Set, Love to Lounge (Penneys)

Katelynne is one of the best friends a girl can have, and brought me this absolutely perfect pajama set from Penney’s in Dublin! I know that Penney’s (aka Primark) has landed in the States, but sadly not yet here in Canada. These are the wonderful aforementioned cotton cuffed style I referred to, and the shirt has a squirrel on it!!!! I love these and I think that they are tied with my Minion pants for the comfiest jammie pants.


What is your preferred style of pajamas?? Do you wear them only to sleep, or also to lounge??

Until tomorrow,
The Historian!

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