Fraternity Friday: The Real Escape

In Junior Circle, we are really trying to focus on having fun, and just enjoying our sisterhood now! 85th was a lot of work, and we got rather burnt out, so this time is just for us. In the past, we have had the most turn out for dinners; however, we get bored of only ever going for dinner. We already have monthly brunch for meals! So, this past week, we headed to the Real Escape. 

I don’t know if this is only a Winnipeg thing, but you are “locked” in a room for exactly one hour, and you and your teammates must race against the clock to make it out in time! You have to solve various puzzles to make it out. There is one that is an alien scenario, a haunted house, death row, an insane asylum, pretty much everything imaginable. We decided to pick the bank heist scenario- it was a medium difficulty level, to suit the range of experience in our group!


It turns out, we kicked ass!!! In the Bank Heist scenario, you are breaking into a bank to steal at least a million dollars and a diamond for the Boss- there is $3.5 million total! You have to figure out how to turn off the security system, figure out how to get into the vault, and then open 36 individual vaults (each containing money and clues). You want to stay in the room for as long as possible to get as much money as you can. You have to really think outside of the box! I have to say, we really do work well as a team. We had the fastest time getting past the counter and solving the first puzzle out of anyone to try that room!! (Go us!) We solved 25/36 vaults, and collected $1.65 million, plus the diamond!

We are hoping to go and do another one of these soon! It’s only $20, it’s a ton of fun, and we are actively working together. I would certainly recommend this for any group of people- friends, family, work groups, sports teams, anything!! Do you have any interesting teambuilding activities in your back pocket??

Until tomorrow,
The Historian!


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