Fraternity Friday- What’s next?

The next little while is quiet and not too busy on the Alpha Gam front for me, and that is nice!



We have had an insane year in Junior Circle; in the span of seven months, we organised and hosted International Reunion Day, 85th Anniversary (really more like three events), and the Christmas party, in addition to our own retreat, brunches, and monthly activities. IRD and the Christmas party aren’t that large, but when factoring in that the planning for each happened in the run up to 85th, it was a lot. What do we have on tap now? Our regular monthly meeting, brunch, and activity! Just fun 🙂 We are planning a dinner in February, Alpha Gam Always- an event only for alumnae. It shouldn’t be terribly difficult to plan, we are just picking a restaurant, and then perhaps an ice-breaker. IRD will be a bit more work, that is in April. However, now that we have done it, and it’s the only thing we will be planning, I don’t see it being a particularly difficult event this time around. I am so unbelievably excited to just have fun!

What about my advising positions, you ask? I am still remotely advising the Sisterhood Coordinator for an Alpha Gam chapter in Michigan, and the Campus Relations advisor for Beta Gamma. I enjoy the balance between the two; they are entirely different teams, and have different timelines. I find I do more suggestions/troubleshooting for my remote position, and that’s 100% fine with me! My officer last year was fantastic, and I think that my new officer is going to be amazing, as well. My Campus Relations advising is much more hands on! I attend Executive Council once a month, I attend all of Recruitment in the fall as a neutral advisor, and meet with my officer more. Once again, I lucked out having a truly talented young woman as my officer! I am excited to see who will hold it after elections. I believe I will be helping to train the new officer, which should be interesting and new for me (from the advisor side).

Unfortunately, Junior Circle had to cancel our retreat last weekend due to my illness, so I am hoping that we can reschedule so that I can actually host it this time! I should think a cozy retreat in late February/early March (when it isn’t quite so freezingly cold) would be lovely for us, a mini-holiday!

Does your alumnae organisation have any events that they hold around this time of year?? Or is it quiet and an extended break??

This is related to one of my series: are any of my readers alumna of a Greek organisation? And would you be willing to answer a few questions? If yes, please comment on this post or send me an email at! (It’s related to an upcoming series I hope to have)

Until tomorrow,
The Historian!

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