Style Saturday- 10 January 2016, or the KATE SPADE OUTLET!!

Hello, and welcome back!! I apologise for the extra long hiatus, the food poisoning did quite a number on me. Avoid having food poisoning on a plane at all costs, I warn you!! Anyhoo, on to Style Saturday!

I don’t have any pictures of the outlets themselves, but this trip, we were able to get to the Kate Spade outlet! And it was everything I dreamed it would be… M, M’s mom, and I headed to the Seattle Premium Outlets, confusingly in Tulalip, and I was all ready to get to Kate Spade!Ā 

M and I find the store, I’m all excited, and then, what? Why are there people lined up? Is it closed still at 11am? What’s happening? And then we got into the line (only about 6 people ahead of us at that point), and I saw the signs in the window: 60% OFF EVERYTHING. It was a miracle that I didn’t scream then and there. I kept my composure (or what I thought that looked like), and waited maybe 7 or 8 minutes to be let in! The store was probably 70% purses, which I wasn’t looking for at the moment, but it was still a wondrous site for a Kate Spade follower! I was specifically looking for Kate Spade clothing, and a make up case. No dresses that interested me at all, but what did I find?

1.Large Colin Thalia Street Stripe Cosmetic Case

I was on the hunt for a Kate Spade make up case; I love the travel size case I found at Nordstrom Rack in November, I was hoping to find one at the outlet! I saw a few smaller ones, but I spotted this black and white large Colin and knew it was the one for me. Then, when I was paying for it, the attendant opens it to remove the packing paper,Ā and there is a smaller case inside! It was like Kate Spade inception. Original price was $95, down to $38!




2. Wheaton Top in Periwinkle, Black/White Stripe

I love boat-necked top, and I think that the boat-neck via the bow is simply adorable! They are are streamlined and flattering, and I can wear them to work or out on the weekends. They are soft and comfortable, and the tiny Spade in the lower right corner is the perfect touch. These were certainly a steal, these were also both $95 each, down to $38!






3. Constellation Sweater in Navy

I obviously have a love of sweaters, and this is a warm but not overly bulky sweater that is eye-catching without being obnoxious! Kate Spade designs are specifically known for being fun, and I definitely think this is a fun sweater šŸ™‚ It is soft (not itchy in the slightest!), a rich navy, and complimented by star-shaped silver sequins. This was the biggest steal, originally $225, down to $90!Ā NINETY!!!!!Ā (I wasn’t able to take a picture, this isn’t me but it is the sweater!)


Have you found any outlet steals lately?? I still cannot believe my luck that the entire store was 60% off. I had absolutely no idea, I turned up, and there it was! Do you have any good luck stories??

Next week’s Style Saturday will be my Kate Spade gifts! I love them the most of all my Kate Spade things, but I wasn’t able to take pictures yet. Thank you again for your patience with the hiatus!

Until tomorrow,
The Historian!

5 thoughts on “Style Saturday- 10 January 2016, or the KATE SPADE OUTLET!!

  1. howtobejillian January 9, 2016 / 6:24 am

    Wow, what great luck! I love the black striped top, that’s adorable šŸ™‚



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