2015 Recap!

Although I started this blog in mid January 2015, I am going to do my year in review now to line up with the calendar year! This has been the start to a wonderful adventure- I’ve learned a lot, I’ve “met” some amazing bloggers, and I’ve accomplished far more than I thought I would! So, how is the year looking?

I’m going to start with my top posts! Excluding my Home and About pages, these are my top three posts of 2015:

1. Part I of my Greek Life in Canada series

I hosted an eight part series where seven different Greeks across Canada discussed the state of Greek life in Canada- not often discussed. I very much enjoyed getting to know to new people, and broadening my perspective. (See the rest of the series here!)


2. Kate, the Duchess of Cambride: Paper Dolls

I did not expect this to be such a popular post, but here I am! My love of the British Royal Family usually results in me collecting interesting trinkets and books, and this book of paper dolls is the perfect example. I think that this is a really interesting way to showcase the DoC’s fashion and I am eagerly awaiting a second installment!


3. Time for Holiday Sneakiness: Secret Santa

My Secret Santa post was quite popular, which makes me very happy given that I think it is a wonderful tradition that brightens the holidays even more!!


What was my favourite post, regardless of numbers? My UCD and Blackrock post from M and I’s Ireland trip! I know that to some, it might not be the most exiting part of the trip, but M and I met at UCD, and it was the best year of my life. It is something special to be able to look back at that!

What are some things I have learned?
-You can’t always predict how popular a post will be (see above)!
– Some posts will never be popular! I know that my Fraternity Friday posts are incredibly niche, but I enjoy writing them!
– Comment, comment, comment! Most of the amazing bloggers I have met started off through commenting on each other’s posts.
– Read tags in the WordPress reader! You will find some unexpected gems this way. 

Basic stats:
-Over 5900 views
-Over 2100 visitors
-Over 1600 likes
-240 followers between WordPress and Blog Lovin’

How was 2015 for your blog? What was your favourite post?

Until tomorrow,
The Historian!

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