Welcome to 2015- My Tech Devices

This is 2015, and clearly technology isn’t going away. We have different devices for different functions- I am one of those people who likes having a different device for each activity,  I prefer things to be separate and organised. However, they do typically all work together! What do I use?

I am an Android girl, through and through. I will admit- I refuse to pay Apple’s prices when a PC will do every single thing I need for half of the price. I don’t believe that every person needs a Macbook, and I honestly think that it is just peer pressure to a large degree. I love that all of my Android devices sync together seamlessly, that I have flexibility to modify systems, and that Google does some pretty damn cool stuff. Now, onto my devices!

Asus Chromebook 13-inch

I do have a standard Asus laptop that I love, but I mostly use my Chromebook. I bought it last Christmas in the States, and it has been a lifesaver. It has an incredible battery life of 10+ hours for me; it is light and slim; and most everything I do is internet related. The Chromebook has a small hard drive (16gb), but it is more than enough when it is almost solely for internet usage. It’s perfect for my blog work and Netflix! I love it for travelling, as I can use it to watch shows/movies via USB drive, or surf/blog if I can get the internet. I cannot stress how amazing this computer is!!


Asus 32gb Nexus 7 Tablet (2013)

Unfortunately this tablet is no longer made, but I love my Nexus. As soon as I found out that Google was making a tablet, I started researching it. It is small and lightweight, it was afforable (approximately $100 less than the comparable iPad mini), and once again, it syncs to everything I own. It has great battery life, a fantastic screen, and it has gotten me through many a flight! I will probably have to replace it soon, potentially with the Samsung Tab.


Samsung Galaxy S5

I bought the S5 on the day that the S6 came out to take advantage of the price drop. I specifically wanted the S5 over the S6 because of the removable battery, the water resistant factor, and the general look of it! We’re going to go back to the water resistant thing- it’s water resistant for 30 minutes in up to a metre of water. That would cover most normal situations that people drop their phones into! As long as the port covers are in place, this feature could save ou a lot of hassle! I also have an Otterbox, which helps prevent a lot of damage. Love the camera, too!

Kobo Touch/Kobo Mini

You can read about me acquiring my Kobo Mini here! I love the basic Kobos, just plain ol’ reading on a screen that isn’t backlit. The batteries will typically last me two to three weeks of intensive reading, and they aren’t heavy or bulky. The reason I chose the Kobo over the Kindle or the Nook is because of the number of ebooks available in each store, and the price. Kobo has the best selection for what I’m looking for, and if there is something that I desperately need on Kindle, I can buy it and read it on my phone or tablet. People get persnickety about physical via ebooks, but once you start moving around or travelling a great deal, you will realise that moving hundreds of books (or lugging 5 in your suitcase) is not really feasible after a point. A book is a book, people! (Including audiobooks- a debate I’ve seen come up several times now, but that is for another day)


Fitbit Flex

As my recent posts would tend to indicate, this is my newest piece of technology! I’m enjoying it so far. The step counter is nice, and the sleep tracker is helpful- I know it’s very basic sleep info based on movement, but it is nice to know just how many times I am restless/waking up. The dashboard in the app is easy to navigate and I enjoy the different awards that you win. My only slight con is that it takes quite a while to charge (and I don’t let it actually die). Still, it is certainly worth the $90 CAD I paid for it!

Other than that, I’ve got my iPod Nano (still one of the square Nanos that clip onto things- love that!!) that I will be sad when I have to replace. As I mentioned, I have my Asus laptop (known as the Silver Back Gorilla, aka SBG). I also use my Galaxy S4 when travelling as it’s unlocked, and takes great pictures, as well!

What devices do you use daily?? Are you an Android or an Apple??

Until tomorrow,
The Historian!


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