The Nutcracker, 2015 (Blogmas #12)

Last evening, my mom, my sister, and I resurrected our family tradition of going to see the Royal Winnipeg Ballet’s The Nutcracker! (See my first post on The Nutcracker here!) It was a wonderful evening, and we were able to see some updates!

To start with, the Winnipeg Centennial Concert Hall is one of my favourite places in the world. I used to spend hours there because of dance, and I don’t know if I will find a place that is so equally comforting and exciting.




Look at those chandeliers!!!


So, what were the differences? The most importance difference is that THERE ARE APPROXIMATELY FIFTEEN ADORABLE POLAR BEAR CUBS RUNNING AROUND IN THE MAGIC KINGDOM WHO STOLE THE SHOW. Seriously, I’ve never seen anything so adorable. Difference number two? Drosselmeyer stayed in character as Drosselmeyer in the Magic Kingdom, and danced in the Spanish and Chinese dances (instead of a male in each). Difference number three? The mice pretty much have the Mounties beat, until they pack it in after the Mouse King takes a pea in the back. As in, the Mounties were held face down, at bayonet point.


Still, it was engaging and warm and a wonderful example of ballet adapting to relate to the audience! Sometimes I find the audience is overly casual, but everyone was dressed appropriately and behaved well, which is lovely to see.  The RWB did their Pass the Slipper campaign, to raise money for students in the professional division- I am hopeful that the program is continuing as strongly as ever! In support of the school, I got this tote bag:



And this t-shirt:


Ornaments will be coming shortly!

Have you been able to see The Nutcracker yet this year?? Have you noticed anything specific to your company??

Until tomorrow,
The Historian!

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