Style Saturday- 19 December 2015

Welcome to possibly the last Style Saturday of 2015! (The 26th will depend on my available time in the next week.) There is a sprinkling of Christmas, of shoes, and some good ol’ skincare!

Mineral Water Spray, Evian

I have seen people rave about this spray for years now, and I decided to pick it up when I saw it at the Sephora in Seattle. I have yet to use it on the plane, but in general every day life, it is fantastic! It’s refreshing, doesn’t ruin my make-up, and my skin seems happy when I use it. (Can skin be happy? Does it have emotions? It can now!) It’s slightly pricy at $18 CAD for two travel size bottles, but I have yet to see another company producing it period (meaning no shopping around).



Morgin Booties, Fergalicious

I realised once I made my list for packing for Seattle that I would be bringing my Hunters again, but I didn’t want to bring my riding boots and take up ¼ of the suitcase with 2 pairs of boots. Henceforth, I went on the hunt for booties that a) do not have a stiletto heel, b) are made of leather or leather-like material that won’t be damaged by rain, c) can be worn with leggings/jeans, or with a nicer dress, and d) take up very little space. It’s a wonder I found anything at all, quite frankly. I love these! They were a touch more than I wanted to spend, but they met every criterion I had. Comfortable and cute! Also, who knew that Fergie made shoes?


  1. Uh-oh Sweater, Giant Tiger

Turns out I have some of the best friends who buy four Christmas sweaters from Giant Tiger for me to pick from and then return the rest- Kayla discovered this absolutely classic sweater. It is warm, comfy, and long enough to wear leggings with!! I can’t recommend it enough. 


Is there anything you would like to see on Style Saturday in the new year??
Until tomorrow,
The Historian!

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