Fraternity Friday- It’s fair to be an alumnae!

The focus of Greek Life is always collegians- those 1-4 years that you were an undergraduate member of your organisation. However, for I would say 95% of members, the vast majority of our membership is spent as an alumna (alumnus, for you fellows). So why is what we do focused on collegians?

I completely understand that some alumnae chapters and groups are fully self-functioning and mostly about themselves. In our case though, it seems like everything alumnae expect here revolves around collegians. When is pledging, when is Initiation, when is IRD with the chapter? I’m tired of it being about the collegians!

Do I want to never see them again? Obviously not. I’m an advisor, and I love being able to help! That being said, I don’t want the rest of my Alpha Gam life to be about undergraduates. Collegians forever accuse alumnae of hanging on to their undergrad days- in our Junior Circle, we don’t want to relive those days. They were fun, but it’s time to make new memories.

So, my goal for Junior Circle in 2016 is to be about us! I would like us to have our own events, and focus on us. What should alumnae life look like? What does it mean to be an alumnae member? How does Alpha Gam play as prominent a role in our adult life?



Are you a member of an alumnae group? Any tips to refocus on us??

Until tomorrow,
The Historian!

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