Soooooo, like many other people, I was sucked into Cyber Monday. I was just looking at the Chapters website like I normally do, and I saw that Kate Spade products were 40% off- FORTY PERCENT OFF, GUYS. I’ve never seen that before, aside from a few not-too-popular items when I worked there. A few things sold out of my cart before I could purchase them, but that’s not a bad thing! So, what did I get? 

1.Rotating Stamp Pad

I’ve had my eye on this rotating stamp since it was released in 2013 (I think it was 2013…)- as someone who still writes a good deal of cards, this is not a vanity purchase to sit on my desk! In fact, I have used it twice since I opened the package yesterday. Sayings include “Be an elegant thinker”, “Fruit and Veg Out”, and “Read Fine Print”. It’s a touch difficult to physically rotate the stamp, but I’m hoping that changes once I have used it!


2. Place Cards

These place cards are simply wonderful, with their pithy sayings and gold dot embellishments. The options are “Playing footsie is encouraged” (my least favourite as I hate people touching my feet 😐 ), “Save room for dessert”, “Please have a second helping”, and “Please chat with the person next to you” (my favourite)! We are losing the traditions of the dinner party, and I’m excited to use these at my next gathering. (I’m on the hunt for more of these now!)


3. Expletive Paper Clips

Everyone goes nutso for the bow paper clips; maybe I’m just a sweary-Poppins, but these are much more my style! I look forward to using these everywhere possibly to vent my frustration through office supplies haha. I can’t believe that I haven’t bought these before, and I am also on the hunt for more of these.


Do you have any favourite office supplies?? Get any good Cyber Monday deals??

Until tomorrow,
The Historian!

2 thoughts on “Kate Spade Stationary- IT JUST KEEPS GETTING BETTER

  1. howtobejillian December 10, 2015 / 4:52 am

    Kate Spade stuff was on sale and you didn’t tell is?!?!?

    🙂 I love your haul!



  2. coffee&twigs December 10, 2015 / 6:29 am

    I’ve been drooling over the Kate Spade stationary every time I go into Chapters lately… somehow I have managed to not spend all of my savings yet 🙂 it’s all so cute!


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