Style Saturday- 5 December 2015 (Blogmas #3)

Holidays have a style all of their own, and this week is a celebration of all holiday clothes! It’s not a stretch to think that it was tough for me to make cuts….

1.Scottish Terrier Socks, Yo-Sox

My Secret Santa at work got me these adorable socks this weeks, and I love them! They match my new Kate Spade bag and wallet (see here!), and in my favourite colour and everything. The company looks to have a fantastic array of styles and patterns, I might be buying more in future! My personal favourite part (beside the tiny scarves)? The bottoms which direct you to “Eat, Play, Love”.


2. Not-So-Ugly Christmas Sweaters, H&M and Penney’s

I embrace anything Christmas related, including sweaters. When in Seattle, I picked up the sequined reindeer and #elfieselfie sweaters at H&M. The #elfieselfie sweater is sold out in some place; I can see why, it’s cute and current! They were only $20 USD apiece, so they don’t break the bank. They are thinner but still quite warm. I find them a touch itchy (a long-sleeve shirt underneath is a must for me), but I always need this with any sort of whole. The polar bear and reindeer sweater is from Penney’s when I lived in Dublin, and it’s one of my favourite sweaters period. You can tell in the picture but the scarf is added on and actually moves when you walk!!




3. Bow Skirt, ME (Yea, you read that right)

I made this skirt for holiday parties, and it was totally worth it! I found the cheapest, thick skirt possible, bought three bags of bows from Walmart, and went to town glue-gunning bows onto the skirt. It’s really a conversation piece, everyone enjoys it, and it’s a fun way to show holiday spirit! Be warned: you might not be so comfortable when you sit. I think it is worth it, though!


What are your favourite holiday items to wear??

Until tomorrow,
The Historian!

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