Christmas Movies- What’s not to love?! (Blogmas #1)

If you have been reading my blog at all in the last month, it will come as no surprise to you that I love every part of Christmas movies. Sure, they are usually predictable and all feature the same elements, but that’s not a bad thing! They are cozy and enjoyable and comforting and warm. I will watch pretty much any W-Network/Hallmark/Lifetime Christmas movie, in addition to any other Christmas movie. Here are a few of my favourites:

White Christmas 
This is THE Christmas movie for me; Bing Crosby and co-hort are the perfect foursome to lead you through Christmas! Bing and Danny Walker are army buddies who are going to help save the lodge of their army commander by putting on one hell of a show. Through in a sister act (“Sisters, sisters….”) and some amazing back up performers, and you have one of the most entertaining movies to ever be made. The costumes, the songs, the setting- nothing should be changed. If you haven’t seen White Christmas yet, you need to change that now!


Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
The 1964 Claymation classic that has left a permanent reindeer shaped mark on our hearts, this is an absolute must. We’ve all felt like an outcast- it might not have been because of a big, red, glowing nose but we’ve been there. The songs are perfect (“Island of Misfit Toys”, anyone??), and the characters are well-developed (even though it’s how short, and they are made of clay), and it keeps you interested the whole way through.


How the Grinch Stole Christmas
This is included for both the animated and live-action versions! Overall, the animated Grinch is much better, but the live-action has more meat to it. Jim Carrey brings more mean to the live-action which in some ways makes it harder to watch, but it also means that the redemption that much greater! “You
are a mean one, Mr. Grinch.” The best part of both for me is still the Whos- bright and crazy and in love with Christmas? Those sound like my kind of people.


On Strike For Christmas 
A Lifetime/Hallmark type movie, this never fails to entertain me! A mother goes on strike from Christmas when her husband and three teenage sons do nothing to help out. Other moms in town join her once they realise that they are going through the same thing. Christopher from Gilmore Girls is the husband/dad- it’s fun to watch him fumble through various Christmas tasks while learning to help out more. Yep, it’s one of
those movies. I’m sure that we all have women and men in our life who selflessly make sure that all of us have wonderful holidays- remember to give back to them!


Do you have any favourite Christmas movies or shows?? Any must-haves??

Until tomorrow,
The Historian!


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