The Season of the Husky

As I’ve posted before, Loki is a husky. And the most adorable husky in the world. It is finally husky season, with below zero temperatures and plenty of snow!

Loki is full of energy now- in the summer he was often slow and panting, and we had to make sure that he was walked after 730PM.  We had to  use paw protector when he would be walking on pavement to prevent burns. (Here is my PSA: NEVER SHAVE A HUSKY (or any double-coated breed). Their coat actually keeps them as cool as possible in the summer.) Now? Those problems are all gone! Sure, we might be freezing but he is a happy little husky! He also has all of his Christmas toys out now- Bumble, Rudolph, Olaf, Santa-Snoopy.


His snazzy new Christmas collar


Snowy play-date with Thorn!





Do you have any winter or Holiday traditions for your pets??

Until tomorrow,
The Historian!

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