Style Saturday- 28 November 2015

This week’s Style Saturday will be looking at some more of my Seattle purchases! M was absolutely lovely and let me stop in at quite a few places. I ended up with a good assortment!

1. Factory Colorblock Fair Isle Sweater, Gap Outlet

My sweater collection is growing quickly, which is lucky for freezing me! This sweater is comfortable, soft, warm, and goes with most anything. It was 40% off of $50, so I was thrilled!


2. Factory Print Lounge Pants, Gap Outlet

Apparently the Gap really wants to emphasize the outlet thing, because it’s on literally every item. These pants are cute and winter-y, but still not crazy thick! I got them for $18, which isn’t terrible for pj pants. I would recommend this for anyone in a cool climate where the heat is on!


3. Assorted Fuzzy Socks, Gap Outlet/Target/Nordstrom Rack

Ahhh, the trip I fell in love with fuzzy socks. They are so unbelievably comfortable, and warm but not hot. Some have grips, some don’t! It’s like having cloud feet (if that was a thing).


4. Davie Cosmetic Case in Black/Enoki, Kate Spade via Nordstrom Rack

I spotted the Kate Spade table and knew I needed to look. I found this gem! I love small make up cases, and this is is easy to clean, holds a good amount, and has that classic Kate Spade look. Only $30!!



The States does bargain shopping so well!

Black Friday will have just past when this is published! Find any amazing deals?

Until tomorrow,
The Historian!

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