Fraternity Friday: Junior Circle Takes On The Shoebox Project

Earlier this week Junior Circle meet to assemble our boxes for the Shoebox Project. Alpha Gamma Delta had really instilled in me the idea that giving back to the community should be one of your top priorities, and the Shoebox Project allows us to give back to women specifically.

Once again, if you aren’t familiar with the Shoebox Project, please visit their website to learn more! It was a wonderful evening, and a nice break in the middle of the week. We made a Christmas themed evening out of it, complete with Christmas sweaters and an Elf viewing party! We also had another alumna come out, which was absolutely lovely 🙂

We decided to have everyone buy $50 of X to make five identical boxes- I bought five $10 giftcards from Tim Hortons to put in them! We also had an assortment of make up, toiletries, chocolates, socks, mittens, scarves, and toques, to give nice full boxes. We wrote cards with inspirational quotes and well wishes, just a simple “Happy Holidays”! We also collected several extra toiletries to donate to another charity in the city.

With Giving Tuesday coming up on December 1st, please remember to give back in any way that you can!


Until tomorrow,
The Historian!

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