Kobo: A Tale of Customer Service

As I have posted before, I currently use Kobo for all of my e-reading needs. I have had some issues with Kobo as a company but overall I like the catalogue and the device/app itself. Henceforth why I knew I needed to grab the Kobo Mini when it was made available!

I’ve been kicking myself for years for not getting a Kobo Mini when I had the chance- it’s lightweight and perfect for travel! So, when the banner popped up on the Kobo site three weeks ago, I thought it was fate. I had just purchased a Kobo Touch (once again, don’t put it in the washing machine…) that was reasonably priced, arrived quickly, and I was kept updated throughout the whole process.


I purchased one for my mom and one for myself, and thought everything was a-okay. Until they took my money and then didn’t give me any sort of update on shipping. I was incredibly frustrated, and it took numerous emails and phone calls and facebook messages to get any sort of information. I was about 12 hours from disputing the charge with VISA. This is 2015, providing shipping information shouldn’t be this difficult! They told me that they were shipped with  grey sleep covers instead of ruby silicone cases, and if I would keep the covers they would refund $10 for the mistake. I was good with that, but still couldn’t get any shipping information.


They finally showed up the day I left on my trip! Still cool, I have my regular Kobo. Then as I turn my phone on after the flight, I receive an email telling my I am getting a full refund. I was really confused and going to email them to say that they did arrive, so a full refund wasn’t necessary. Then, another email arrived: the refund was because they were demo models, and they didn’t actually tell anyone. Ahhhhhh, this makes sense.


I make it a point to not buy refurbished electronics- I’ve never had good luck with them. However, my mom and I have now received them for free, so no complaints! I would have appreciated honesty upfront, and I’m still deciding where I stand with Kobo, but I think they handled the (huge) mistake well. Honestly, it’s a free Kobo Mini!

Is it just me, or is customer service becoming a thing of the past?

Until tomorrow,
The Historian!

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