Style Saturday- 14 November 2015

On the prairies, we are rapidly approaching winter! This might be terrifying to some, but in my childhood, we typically had snow on Halloween. I love snow! I love the look of it, I love the crispness of the air, I love how cozy everything is in inside, I love the fashion, I JUST LOVE IT!! This week’s Style Saturday very much reflects this love. 

1.Blanket Scarves- Smart Set, A-Wear, Dorothy Perkins

I feel like at this point there needed to be an obligatory post about blanket scarves. I’ve used scarves for years; then again, I’m freezing all of the time. I collect scarves like this when I see them. If you go back throughout my blog, I think you will spot my love of plaid/tartan/check fairly easily! I will admit, I do not own that tan/red/green/navy scarf that everybody on the planet owns. (Majority tan is no bueno for my skin tone) From the right: The tan/white/blue plaid, grey/white/black plaid, and navy/green/black plaid scarves are from Smart Set! I still mourn the loss of Smart Set every time I go to a mall. (The manager told me that Reitmans would have more of the Smart Set style, but I haven’t seen that yet….) These scarves are super soft, super cozy, and incredibly warm! I have even worn them belted as a shrug/cardigan type deal. The blue/red/black/white plaid scarf is from Dorothy Perkins, and is so incredibly soft. It does give off a lot of fuzzies, so I might try to attack it with a lint brush at some point. The final red woven scarf is from A-Wear (also closed 😦 ). I spotted this in the A-Wear on Henry Street, and knew I had to have it! It’s a little different from my other scarves, and such a vibrant, beautiful red.


2. Nordic Sweater Manicure

I recently had this done after a haircut! I love my stylist/esthetician, she is absolutely wonderful and I would recommend her to anyone in Winnipeg looking for someone! I prefer shellac manicures- they last two to three weeks for me (they grow out before chipping), it’s relatively inexpensive, and there is not continual maintenance. The only thing I dislike is the feeling of my nails after the shellac is removed, henceforth the manicure afterwards! I figure this is wintery, but not Christmas-y.



3. Yes to Cucumber Make-Up Wipes

I have only found these at Shoppers here, and they aren’t cheap ($3.29 for 10 wipes in a travel pack), but they are incredibly gentle, refreshing, and they can remove all of my make up! It is nice to have these handy when you land- no one likes feeling grimy when they are meeting someone at the airport.

Do you have any winter travel necessities?

Until tomorrow,
The Historian!

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