Why, oh why, can I not meet the Duchess of Cambridge?

Today was a momentous occasion for Royal watchers- the Duchess of Cambridge attended a State Banquet for the Chinese President. Why is this important? Because she FINALLY wore a tiara. And it was MAGICAL. She looked absolutely stunning, and I can’t believe that one human being looks that flawless. 

This dress is my ideal dress: a custom-made Jenny Packham scarlet gown. I mean, I’m close to 10 inches shorter than than Her Royal Highness, so there is a solid case to be made that it wouldn’t suit me- but I’m going to dream. The lace bodice, the satin ribbon detailing at the waist, the pleated skirt. *cue massive amounts of drooling*


And atop her perfectly coifed head we have the Lotus Flower Tiara, which originally belonged to the Queen Mother. The Duchess has joined Princess Margaret and Princess Anne as the lucky ones to wear it. Being that she has not worn a tiara often, it doesn’t surprise me that this is a smaller tiara. Lovely still, though. Read more at The Royal Order of Sartorial Splendor!

I am enjoying seeing the Duchess out and about more! She recently attended an event for World Mental Health Day, the Wales v. Australia rugby match, and visited a women’s prison in the last month- not a bad spread of events. I am obviously a Monarchist, but I do think that they need to be active and engaging! I understand that she has two young children (Princess Charlotte still under a year), but I think that undertaking a handful of events like this is definitely the way to go for the Duchess. She is out there, giving back while staying away from a Princess Anne-type schedule (which is the most insane schedule you will ever see). Hopefully we get to see more of the Duchess in the near future!

Until tomorrow,
The Historian!

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