Fraternity Friday- Recruitment happened but 85th is still coming up!

Being the Campus Relations Advisor, the last week of recruitment was hectic to say the least. It was a lot of work, but certainly worth it! 

I served as Panhellenic Delegate while I was a collegian, but I found this much more worthwhile. I really enjoyed working with the other two Panhellenic advisors- we actually get along quite well. Everything seems so dramatic and competitive when you are a collegian. Everything is us against them. However, as an alumnae, you really just want the best for everyone. Do I want everyone to join Alpha Gam? Nope, because I don’t believe that it is going to be the best fit for everyone. It was fantastic to see how happy all of the collegians and new members were on bid day. You don’t notice it until you have taken a step back, but every chapter looks just as happy. I am quite glad I took this position, and I’m happy that I have had this opportunity. Here’s to a Panhellenic year!

Also, I found out my Sisterhood Coordinator in Michigan got a Sister-Daughter, and I could not be happier for her. My officer genuinely cares about her chapter, and I think that it makes the world of difference in an office like Sisterhood!

And now onto the beast that is 85th. Unfortunately, because of the all-encompassing nature of recruitment I was not able to do much related to 85th. However, the switch has flipped and I am now 90% 85th. I have a running list that is growing and growing of things that need to be done, hopefully I can start tackling things ASAP. I’m getting excited- there have been a lot of registrations, and I’m looking forward to seeing everyone. The new members are also already asking about attending, which makes me a happy alumna 🙂 We are now entering CRUNCH time. It’s time for me to learn the ins and outs of large scale events!

Any suggestions on how to manage my time to get all of the little things done? Also, any tips for how to get everyone else excited- social media??

Until tomorrow,
The Historian

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