Do you love Pitch Perfect? Have I got a show for you

So, I was perusing Netflix as I am wont to do, and I spotted a show in the new releases that piqued my curiosity…. that was AMAZING.

Sing It On is a reality show following five different collegiate a cappella groups in the US, so essentially the real life version of Pitch Perfect. As a show for relaxing and pure enjoyment, this is definitely 5 stars. They are spread out between the midwest and the southeast, but that doesn’t seem to affect anything.

You are introduced to the five groups: No Comment, Nor’easters, Pitch Please, Acabelles, and All Night Yahtzee in the first episode. The remaining seven episodes are following groups throughout quarter-/semi-/finals- the groups that don’t make it through the rounds are never looked at again. All five are entertaining (both in performance and in drama), so it would have been nice to continue to see something of them.

Initially, I felt strongly about various characters- both positive and negative. I did not like Micah from No Comment in the first episode, but she was one of my favourites by episode 3. Ditto for Jessie from the Nor’easters! Michael, the musical director from All Night Yahtzee, is a stereotypical flamboyant gay man- it might truly be his personality, but it felt like he was a caricature. I also wish that they could have explained the actual difference between a musical director and a president. I’m still not too sure on that one.

Things I learned from this show:
-Apparently every a cappella group has a rendition of “Bang, Bang”- no idea why.
-Even though the judges supposedly give points from appearances, half of the groups they compete against are dudes in dumpy jeans and t-shirts.
-Cellphones, waterbottles, and even shoes can be used as a pseudo-microphone.

One element that I was particularly impressed with is their treatment of a serious tragedy for one of the groups- it was very tasteful, and I think still allowed the group to process and deal in their own way.


Seriously though- watch it. NOW.

Until tomorrow,
The Historian!

3 thoughts on “Do you love Pitch Perfect? Have I got a show for you

  1. hannahcole93 October 8, 2015 / 1:23 pm

    Thank you for pointing me to this! I’m really really addicted! It’s so good! Thank you! 🙂


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