Greek Life in Canada, Part VIII

This week I am finally going to be answering the questions! With no further adieu:

1) What University and chapter are you from?
I am from the Beta Gamma chapter of Alpha Gamma Delta, at the University of Manitoba.

2) What has been your favourite aspect of Greek Life?
Honestly? Alumnae life. I can contribute and focus on the areas of Alpha Gam that I enjoy. Being an advisor is introducing me to some amazing young women that are going to do great things, and I hope that I am helping them in some way! And being involved in Junior Circle has allowed me to stay close with my best friend from Alpha Gam but also get to know other sisters that I might not have otherwise. I never really enjoyed exchanges with the fraternities, so I just don’t go to things like that.
I’ve also noticed more and more in my career how useful my offices are: I know how to properly run a meeting, write minutes, organise an event, chain of command, etc. It makes the world of difference at work, and I think people underestimate the value of having those experiences in Greek organisations.

3) What do you think makes Greek Life in Canada different from Greek Life in the US? (If anything)
I find that most Canadians don’t know that Greek Life exists here- we always have to have that explanation ready when we meet people. While our international is great, I don’t think that the NPC and IFC put too much thought specifically into Canada. We almost need a separate marketing “campaign”- you can’t rely on the general population  here to know about Greek Life, and most NPC materials assume a basic understanding.

We also don’t typically have the same school spirit as American schools, meaning that Homecoming/sporting events don’t necessarily carry any importance to groups here.

4) What do you think is next in store for Greek Life in Canada?
I would love to see more cohesion! I think that technology will be crucial- I can know have a real time conversation with Alpha Gams in Halifax and BC for free. Canadian Greeks are meeting each other more and more, and it’s only going to make us stronger.

5) If you could tell Canadian students anything about Greek Life, what would it be?
If nothing else, come out and go through recruitment! Best case scenario, you have found support for life. The worst case? You might some new people and work on your people skills!

Until tomorrow,
The Historian!


The Historian

One thought on “Greek Life in Canada, Part VIII

  1. Archon's Den September 25, 2015 / 1:20 am

    Bid adieu to ‘Adieu’, and spell it ado. 😯


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