Still Staying Active!

I am pretty proud of myself- I would say I am close to the best shape of my life. I was in great shape when I had ballet 5-6 days a week, but I think I am more balanced now. I’m probably not any sort of spectacular specimen. A regular person who pays attention to their health, nothing more. Still, this is a proud moment in my life.Β 

I realised the other day that I have been doing yoga for over a year now, October will be the year mark for me seriously doing yoga. (For me, that means at least every second day.) And November will be the one year milestone for me running! I have been bizarrely busy the last three to four weeks, meaning that I at most had one week night free, so yoga has been tougher. I still managed to get at least two days in. This week, I am free other than volunteering- I am going to attempt to do three nights of yoga in a row. It can be tough, as I can’t do a particularly challenging sequence if I’ve done a long run. My legs just can’t handle that. It just means I’ll have to spend some time picking.

I am consistently running at least three days at lunch, sometimes four. I tried to run five days in a row and I could barely move on the sixth. It’s just better for me to take the rest days. I usually do a longer/more challenging yoga sequence on the days I don’t run. I am also consistently running 5km at lunch; I think it is a good sign that I have to pay attention to running at an easier pace. It’s all about balance, in all areas.

What helps me with my fitness journey right now?

Yoga With Adrienne: I tried one of Adrienne’s videos before, and I wasn’t a fan (couldn’t put a finger on why). However, I tried her Cool Down for Runners video, and I very much enjoyed it, and have started doing more of her videos! I do still like Erica Vetra, but she doesn’t do much of anything to stretch the front of the hips, which is what I really need.

Adidas Climachill Running Shoes– I love my original Climacool Adidas running shoes, black with mint accents, nice and light- just perfect for me. But alas, I can’t find them on the internet anywhere, and they have now evolved to this shoe. I use either pair- thankfully running on an elliptical gives your shoes a bit more of a life, so the first pair is still great. The new pair isn’t quite as light but they are still comfortable. I am getting used to the pink 😐

Preva App– I started using this app because all of the machines at the gym are linked to it. You log into the elliptical, it tracks everything, and you have a record of what you’ve done! You can also enter in other activities, eg. my yoga! It’s nice to keep track of things- you set a goal, and you can visually see how close you are. You also get “badges”- some are set distances, like “You’ve run 25 miles with Preva!” and some are odd, like “You have burned the same amount of calories as someone who has climbed Mt. Everest!”. Either way, I enjoy them! I also use the S-Health App to track my daily steps and water in take!

What helps you stay in shape and motivated?

Until tomorrow,
The Historian!

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