Style Saturday- 29 August, 2015

This week’s Style Saturday isn’t what I have, but rather what I am looking for! The Canadian prairies are not a mecca for fashion, believe it or not, so it can take quite some time to find certain things! What am I looking for?

1. Moto Jacket

I have been on the lookout for a moto jacket, probably black! I’m hoping to find one that I can wear to work in the winter- because it’s so cold here (think -45°C and colder), wearing it outside in the winter won’t really be an option. If I could wear it outside in the fall/spring, and at work in the winter, it will be perfect! I’m hoping that I can find a jacket somewhere between $150 and $200. (I realise that a decent quality leather jacket for $200 isn’t exactly easy, so this is going to be a hunt!)

2. Heeled Boots

I need to find a pair of heeled boots to wear in the winter- with my job I attend a lot more meetings in different places, and I’m hoping I don’t need to wear my Uggs. (I will always wear my Uggs in the car- if you have dig your car out of a ditch, fashionable heels will be the death of you). Something like the Aquatalia Rumba boot (á la the DoC) but not $1,000 CAD. Hopefully $200 tops.

3. Red Tartan Skirt

You can find a ton of cheap-o, Halloween costume/bar waitress mini-mini-skirts, but I am on the hunt for a good quality, office appropriate. A pencil skirt would be fantastic! I have noticed that there are a lot of mid-calf/floorlength skirts, but I’m going to stick with knee length. I have a feeling this may take a few years to acquire this.

Also, I’ve decided to start doing an OOTD snap or two on Style Saturday!


What do I wear at the gym?
Lululemon: Speed Short *4 Way Stretch
Lululemon: Swiftly Tech Short Sleeve Crew
Adidas: Climachill Running Shoes (No longer made 😦 )


What did I wear to work whole taking advantage of a slightly more casual office in the summer?

Dynamite: Soft Plaid Blouse
Dorothy Perkins: Bailey Skinny Jeans
Freed: Victoria Ballet Flats

If you have any suggestions, please leave a comment!!

Until tomorrow,
The Historian!

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