Style Saturday- 13 August, 2015

What’s that I hear? The sound of fall clothes entering my wardrobe. Now, I’m not one those “OMG-leaves-sweaters-PUMPKINSPICELATTE” people, but I do love the fall and the winter, particularly the clothing. I am fairly petite, and slightly smaller with my consistent exercise. Because of this, I find it is typically difficult for me to find clothes that fit and usually can’t get things on end-of-season sales. However, I can capitalise on pre-season deals! I’m trying to expand my work appropriate wardrobe, hopefully these will help! 1. Bi-Stretch Stovepipe Pants, The Gap

I have decided to start looking at the Gap more and more- once I started looking at work clothing, I realised that the Gap is really not that expensive. They also had 35% off online, and I don’t think I will do much better AND have something in stock in my size. It does irritate me that I cannot buy petite sizes in store; petite people don’t need to try clothes on? I saw these and I thought that they would be good for Fall/Winter/Spring at the office. They are quite fitted, and I would say true to size for hips/thighs, 3 inches too long, though.

2) Slim Cropped Pants, The Gap

The options are navy, khaki, and garnet. I decided to be bold and buy the garnet pair! The material is fantastic, and lays well. They are meant to be cropped pants, and are cropped pants. On someone this small, it’s somewhat of a miracle! I think I will be more than okay wearing them in the winter at the office with a long sleeve sweater. Even without 35% off, these pants would be worth it!

3) Soft Plaid Blouse, Dynamite

So, Dynamite is a Canadian company that seems very popular with my demographic. It typically doesn’t fit me, it’s made for someone much taller and lengthier than myself. However, I saw these blouses and knew I had to have them. I wasn’t sure on the sizing, so I asked a few different women at work who own a lot from the store. They had recommended getting a Small, but it turns out it is pretty big. I already taken the tags off of the teal plaid, so that will just be a bit looser/bigger, but I exchanged the red for the XS (and bought the navy, as well). The XS is a much better fit! The teal and red were 30% off, but the navy was full price. $37 for a blouse isn’t terrible, and it’s a lovely soft plaid.

(What’s up with the awkward pose, Dynamite?)

What is your favourite trend for the fall?

Until tomorrow,
The Historian!

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