Fraternity Friday- Greek Life in Canada, Part III

This week, Cristina from UBC was a fantastic sport and willingly agreed to answer my questions 🙂 Thank you to Cristina for being so wonderful, and for providing some West Coast input to the situation!! Without any further adieu: 

1.What university and chapter are you from?

I currently attend the University of British Columbia as a 3rd year student, and I am an active member of Alpha Gamma Delta, Delta Zeta chapter!

2. What has been your favourite aspect of Greek Life?

Although I have only been a member of Alpha Gamma Delta for a year, my favourite aspect of Greek Life is the sense of community it builds. I now have 100 sisters in AGD and over 700 other sisters in different sororities on campus. Another aspect of Greek Life I really love would have to be the hundreds of fun activities that take place throughout the academic year, from bake sales, plays, philanthropy events, sports, mixers and supporting all sororities and fraternities on campus.

3.What do you think makes Greek Life in Canada different from Greek Life in the US? (If anything?)

I have a lot of Alpha Gam friends in the U.S, and I truly don’t think there is much difference in Greek Life between Canada and the U.S. The only outstanding difference I can think of, would be that Greek Life is very prevalent in the U.S with hundreds of Universities that have Greek Life. I would love to see more upcoming Greek Life in Canada and more chapters popping up!

4. What do you think is next in store for Greek Life in Canada?

I think the next step to Greek Life in Canada would be to get more chapters opening up, and possibly creating Greek Life at many other Universities across Canada. I truly believe it opens up doors for students from all faculties and backgrounds of life.

5. If you could tell Canadian students anything about Greek Life, what would it be?

If I could tell Canadian students (high school post secondary, etc) about Greek Life, it would be to JOIN. Going Greek has been one of the best decisions I have made at UBC. It has opened up so many doors of opportunity, leadership and networking I would have never gotten anywhere else.

Thank you again, Cristina! UBC is a large, traditional school with a completely thriving Greek system, so it is fantastic to hear what the opinion and thoughts on the Canadian Greek system are in such a successful environment.

Until tomorrow,
The Historian!

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