Fraternity Friday- Greek Life in Canada, Part II

Welcome to the second week of my Greek Life in Canada series! This week we will be talking to Meryn, an Alpha Gamma Delta from Toronto who attended the University of King’s College in Halifax! Thank you to Meryn for allowing me to pick your brain 🙂 Onto the entreé:

1) What university and chapter are you from?

I’m from the University of King’s College (King’s) and Alpha Eta Chapter of Alpha Gamma Delta. Alpha Eta is lucky because we get to include ladies from four different universities: Dalhousie, King’s (which are affiliated), Saint Mary’s University, and Mount Saint Vincent University.

2) What has been your favourite aspect of Greek Life?  

I think my favourite aspect has been the friends (who I would consider Sisters) I’ve made. As someone who does not have a huge group of friends, but instead only a few close ones, going into an organized group was new for me (my pledge class doubled the Chapter size- so from 6 or 7 there were 20 ladies in the Chapter). But out of the suddenly many there were a few who I became close to. Some I have visited in different countries when traveling, others I talk to on facebook on and off and when I see them in person it’s like no time has passed. If I hadn’t joined AGD I would never have met any of the ladies I’m close to now because they go to different schools until possibly years later and I would’ve missed out on years of friendship- and I wouldn’t have missed that for anything.

3) What do you think makes Greek Life in Canada different from Greek Life in the US? (If anything)

I don’t know a lot about Greek life in the US. My sister-mother went to California and saw some of the houses on Greek Row (literally what she called it) at one of the universities. She said they were huge! I equated that to something out of “Legally Blonde.” And then when I graduated I went to some of the meetings at the Tau Chapter House in Toronto- not so big, but instead old, however since Alpha Eta doesn’t have a house… Anyway I guess that would be the biggest difference. All the US Chapters have houses (and really nice ones if the Quarterly is anything to go by). Also Recruitment is HUGE there. They call it Rush, have quotas and their Chapters are much bigger. Alpha Eta, we have recruitment but no quotas (or we didn’t when I was active) and it all seems much more chill. Also, I think we don’t push so much when it comes to asking people to join- you either like us or you don’t and that’s ok. This also makes us appear friendlier which makes people want to join more.

4) What do you think is next in store for Greek Life in Canada?

I hope more expansion. I love reading in the Quarterly that a new Chapter is opening (especially when it’s in Ontario!) It just means the possibility of more sisters, and maybe chance meetings with one (although that never happens for me *sigh*).

5) If you could tell Canadian students anything about Greek Life, what would it be?

Don’t judge us by the movies. Basically don’t judge a book by its cover. Best advice would be if you see someone with a Greek letter shirt on ask them about their organization. Each one is different, theirs (or ours) may not be the right one for you, but you can find out what this whole Greek thing is about. Also, not all Greek organizations allow alcohol (AGD doesn’t).
6) Any other thoughts?

It’s more a reiteration of what I already said: by meeting so many people you get the chance to gain so many more friendships and the support system is amazing. For anything- school, work, whatever. It really becomes a second family.

Thank you once again to Meryn for sharing her thoughts! Part III will be up next Friday, as usual.

Until tomorrow,
The Historian!

2 thoughts on “Fraternity Friday- Greek Life in Canada, Part II

  1. slperrin91 August 16, 2015 / 8:50 pm

    Yay sisters! Thank you for this. Even as someone who is pretty much obsessed with Alpha Gam, I had no idea that Alpha Eta included members from 4 universities! I, too, hope we continue expanding in Canada, and maybe even have a Convention in Canada(?!)


    • anhistorianabouttown August 17, 2015 / 9:06 am

      That would be absolutely wonderful! And us Canadian Alpha Gams would all be there in a heartbeat. It is crushingly expensive right now (with the exchange rate) for Canadians to attend Convention in the States 😦 Plus, I feel that we have a lot to offer and we get swept aside a little! If it was to be in Canada, we might be heard a bit more!

      Liked by 1 person

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