Not THAT kind of adult colouring book, and the Royal We

This week I was actually able to realise one of my dreams- to buy an adult colouring book. No, not THAT kind of adult colouring book- just a book of super intricate and beautiful forest scenes. I have been looking at Johanna Basford’s books for probably six months now. I went into the bookstore, there was 25% off adult colouring books, and I was SOLD. I decided to get the Enchanted Forest. There are approximately 60 pages of drawings to colour, more than enough for any colour-er to enjoy. The only thing I would recommend? Make sure you have pencil crayons or fine tipped markers- the drawings are incredibly detailed and you don’t want to colour through the drawing because of a thick crayon or marker.

My other new read? The Royal We. I wasn’t sure about this one- it has all of the markings of what I love: Chick lit, the British Royal Family, London, but I still wasn’t convinced. Essentially it is fan fiction about the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge written by two fashion bloggers. However, I was pleasantly surprised! It was a nice, light read for the summer, for the most part the characters were well developed, and it moved along at a good pace. I only have two criticisms: 1) the stand in for the Duchess of Cambridge, Rebecca, was American- they didn’t really address everything that would go along with that until the very end of the book. They also didn’t seem to make anything of the fact that her family had to fly from Iowa to London all of the time, and Rebecca and her sister somehow moved to England with no immigration problems whatsoever. 2) They essentially made their own royal family, but used names that are in the current and recent royal family in Britain, making it difficult to keep track of things. My mind kept thinking, wait- am I missing a monarch??? I would definitely recommend picking this up, or at least borrowing from a friend!

Until tomorrow,
The Historian!

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