Paws in Motion- A great way to spend a Sunday morning

This morning was Paws in Motion, the Winnipeg Humane Society’s biggest fundraiser! This was our first year of participation, and I would say it was a rousing success for us, and the Humane Society! Our team raised over $400, and next year my goal is to raise over $500 myself- here is my huge thank you to everyone who donated to us!!!

It is held at a big park in the city, and there was a huge number of tents set up with different pet stores and companies. It was great to see some of the stores and groomers that we normally visit, and get a chance to see some others! We collected quite a few free goodies- we are particularly excited about the free treats, they are organic and Loki seems to love them! Plus the travel water bowl will be useful. I thought it was a great idea for Animal Services to be there- re-register your dog while you are there with your dog, set up an email reminder about when it is due, and then no more trying to figure out when your registration is due!




Thorn and Loki did a great job on the 3km walk! Thorn was Loki’s bodyguard, as usual. It was pretty hot out- the Humane Society had paw stops at every 1/2 km with water bowls and small pools for the doggies to cool off. They had thought of everything. The two of them could have obviously handled a longer walk, but I think 3km was a good choice with the wide range of breeds and sizes.


I’m not going to lie- I spent most of my time finding westies! There were about 5 at my count. There were two brothers that were absolutely adorable, and another guy, Buddy, who was just a sweetheart. I definitely need to get a westie, and soon!






If you are an animal lover and a Winnipeger, please consider donating to the Winnipeg Humane Society! They do a tremendous amount of work for the animals and the people of Winnipeg, and every dollar helps them out. Now that I have started volunteering there, I have really started to see the difference that everyone can make. You can donate here!

Until tomorrow,
The Historian!

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