Style Saturday- 6 June 2015

This week’s Style Saturday is a continuation of my new clothes from my trip to Ireland!

1. Minion Duff Pants, Penneys

I adore Minions- I can’t say no to them. In fact, M won me two full-size plush Minions while we were living in Dublin (as well as a Piglet. We were claw machine rockstars.) While in Penneys, I managed to snag Minion socks, and these PJ pants- they are AMAZING. They are nice and thin, soft, and covered in Minions, Unicorns, and Agni. I particularly love the cuffs!


2) Mela Navy Rose Print Skater Dress, Dorothy Perkins

I spotted this dress in the Jervis Centre Dorothy Perkins, and I knew I had to have it! It is incredibly comfortable, it doesn’t wrinkle, and it has pockets! It doesn’t look like any other dress/top I own, so again- I branched out! If youΒ ever need a dress, check Dorothy Perkins. Just do it.


Until tomorrow,
The Historian!

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