Fraternity Friday: Slow but Steady Growth

I love Alpha Gam, I really do. If I didn’t, I probably wouldn’t be in Junior Circle and on the 85th planning committee. However, I must say that I am disappointed in my chapter right now- specifically the alumnae. We have about 20 dedicated alumnae who are wonderful, and act as advisors, volunteers, and any other role asked. And then there are probably another 25 that were in those roles for 10+ years and then stepped down- they have given so much to the Fraternity, I am glad that they can take this time for themselves. What about the other 700+ alumnae from the chapter?

I have no idea. It started before I ever joined ,but there is currently a mentality of “I gave four years, now it’s me time.” I have never understand this, as we take vows for our lifetime, not for four years. It’s also frustrating because the collegians have far less of a support base than they need. The reason I bring this up though, is that we are trying to come up with a solution to our poor alumnae turnout. We have two new members in Junior Circle, with potentially a few more. I am excited, it is a chance to get to know women I otherwise wouldn’t be able to.

Planning for our anniversary for the fall is going well. I am hoping if we can have established events and members to present to people, we might have more of a response. I 100% understand that not even half of our alumnae will come out, but this is disheartening. I believe that our “fresh blood” in Junior Circle is going to help us come up with some new suggestions, and hopefully our contacts at International can help us come up with a plan as well.

Are you an alumna/alumni member of your organisation? What events and tactics have proved the most useful for you in retaining your members and keeping them engaged?

Until tomorrow,
The Historian!

2 thoughts on “Fraternity Friday: Slow but Steady Growth

  1. marykatetoomey June 6, 2015 / 6:45 am

    I understand your pain! When I was Pres of JC and pres or VP for alumnae chapter we started a moms group that was kind of on its own sub group. Moms with young kids had specific desires and restrictions and it was successful. We did surveys to find what people were interested in and sometimes would find something that a lot of people liked, so I would approach them about running a sub group. Most of the time they chose not to, but there was too much to really take on as just one person. I’ve been thinking about getting more alums involved in a variety of levels. It is going to take personally reaching out, getting buy in, and reaching out to others. We were able to engage one of our founders from the 80s and she in turn grabbed five of her friends. They don’t volunteer, but when you see them at a table at IRD it is a shining example of sisterhood years past college! Which may be an inspiration for younger women to stay involved. Good luck and keep us posted!


    • anhistorianabouttown June 6, 2015 / 12:35 pm

      Thank you for the reply! We are going to keep plugging away with our surveys (it’s currently the common problem of people respond, plan, etc. and then don’t show up). I’m not too bothered if we can’t plan any large events because we don’t have enough help- I just don’t want to never see any Alpha Gams again because sisterhood is forgotten. I am very much looking forward to meeting more alumnae at 85th, and hearing their stories! We are also hoping to have a few concrete plans for the year in place by 85th so we can let them know already 🙂 I appreciate all of your advice!!


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