Fraternity Friday- Lots of Alpha Gams out and about

I’ve had a number of small things happen in my Alpha Gam world lately. I’m gonna dive on in here!

Right after I got back from Dublin, we had our monthly Junior Circle meeting. Normally I wouldn’t normally talk about Junior Circle meetings, but I’m really happy- we finally have a location booked for the chapter’s 85th anniversary in the fall. It was a tad difficult for us to choose, only because we don ‘t have firm numbers, but the hotel gives us a lot of flexibility. We are really on our way now! I am really lucky to be on a committee with Vicki and Nat, I am learning more every meeting. They also have an insane amount of patience with me, and I thank them for that.

Last week, Junior Circle took part in Take Pride, Winnipeg! It’s an initiative to pick up trash in public spaces in the spring and the fall to keep the city looking it’s best. We decided for Junior Circle that we wanted to focus on philanthropy projects where we donate our time, for a few reasons: 1) We are a small group of women, and we only have so much time to organise events. (As per the paragraph ahead, 85th is the focus currently.); 2) Getting out in the community is a great way to get our name out there and give back; and 3) We enjoy spending time together! It was an absolutely beautiful night, and we got to help clean up one of the city’s parks. Does your chapter have any philanthropy projects out in the community?

Last night, we had a bonfire for one of the graduating members. She is moving back to BC, and I am going to miss her like crazy! I am so glad I was able to see her before she left, and that I was able to help her cross something off of her bucket list. (Bonfire hot dogs and marshmallows are really something else.) I’m hoping to be able to go out and see her in the next 6 months. Last night really helped me remember that while you are never going to be best friends with your entire chapter, you are going a few people who will stay in your life forever, and that you need to appreciate those people.

Other than that, I’m just hoping that some of the graduating members will join Junior Circle- I’m looking forward to getting to know some more Alpha Gams!

Until tomorrow,
The Historian!

3 thoughts on “Fraternity Friday- Lots of Alpha Gams out and about

  1. slperrin91 July 24, 2015 / 3:57 pm

    Did you go to the University of Manitoba or University of Winnipeg?? I am in graduate school in North Dakota, and I visited the University of Manitoba last year!


      • slperrin91 July 24, 2015 / 4:06 pm

        I am doing my master’s in Higher Education so a couple of friends and I just drove up one weekend and wandered around the campus. We’re planning a formal visit to the University of Winnipeg this fall and possibly one other college/university in the area! 🙂

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